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See our brand-new Bible map and timeline to discover how the setting of the Bible actually comes alive right before your very eyes. This excellent visual resource helps you understand the truth of God’s Word. Engage with biblical locations by panning and zooming in and out of ancient maps where the events of Scripture took place. See how biblical events relate to each other as time unfolds. Look at modern-day pictures of archeological remnants of key Bible locations. Uncover this ancient context to better grasp God’s intent and meaning of Scripture, from Genesis to Revelation.

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Bible map and timeline


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Like never before

Paul’s First Missionary Journey

See modern pictures, ancient paintings and recreations of Biblical sites, areas and journeys. Learn details about each event that will help you to understand the context and meaning of Scripture.

This video is just one sample of our Interactive Bible Map and Timeline.

Amazing Features

  • Pan and zoom in and out of ancient maps to see precisely where these locations are today.
  • Compare various times and dates of people, events, and kingdoms to see how they relate to each other
  • View carousels of photographs showing what the locations look like today
  • Watch full HD videos recreating the ancient routes traveled in Biblical times
  • Read detailed descriptions explaining the importance of each event, person, or location
  • Follow up each of the Biblical references for further study
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