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Haggai – Conclusion

What does the book of Haggai have to do with Jesus? Plenty! The grand story of the Bible involves God pursuing sinful people and sanctifying them so they can have fellowship with him. In Haggai’s day, the temple was the place to sacrifice to the Lord, receive forgiveness, and experience God’s presence, but there was more to come. Haggai’s emphasis on the blessing of God’s presence in the midst of his people finds its ultimate consummation in the person of Jesus, the Christ. The temple was the central element of hope for the dwelling of God’s glory among his people, and Jesus, when he walked this earth, was himself the eternal temple of God. Not only that, but today the body of Christ, the Church universal, is the living temple of God. How amazing is that? Watch Haggai Field Study 5 for the message of how Christ fulfills Haggai’s prophecy directly and what that means for us in the 21st century.