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As God disciplined Israel for their rebellious sin, Edom gloated and participated in their twin brother’s destruction. Brother betrayed brother in this ongoing saga of Jacob and Esau, which continued through the nations of their descendants. God saw the hubris of Edom and vowed righteous judgment upon their heads. In fact, the prophet Obadiah preached that the day of the Lord will come upon all nations soon, leading to the eternal existence of the Lord’s Kingdom.

Obadiah may be the shortest book in the Old Testament, but it contains the powerful thunderous boom of the mighty voice of God. He alone will judge unjust nations and bring ultimate righteousness and peace through His Son as revealed in the New Testament. Living a life without the fear of God’s judgment is dangerous indeed. Obadiah is a book of warning for prideful scoffers and hope for the faithful. It is God’s word for your life.


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