Sacra Script is an international team of seminary-trained contributors with various specialties including biblical narrative analysis, educational methodology, biblical and ecclesiastical history, technology, and professional media production. This diversity creates a balanced and well-rounded curriculum that reaches across denominational lines and geographical boundaries. Our structure also allows us to collaborate with other scholars adapting the best content to our Bible studies.

About Us

Our Principals

Rhome van Dyck
Rhome van DyckServus Servorum Dei
Rhome leads Sacra Script, holding degrees in both history and theology. As a pastor-teacher, he has traveled extensively training both pastors and lay people in the understanding and beauty of the sacred Scripture and the proclamation of the gospel.
Dr. Jonathan Murphy
Dr. Jonathan MurphyResearch/Writing
Vanessa van Dyck
Vanessa van DyckWriter/Editor
Vanessa is a gifted Bible teacher, dedicated to serving women by instructing them in the truths of Scripture.

Our Directors

Greg CromartieBoard Member
Mark SchupbachBoard Member
Paul McCantsBoard Member
Paul ZucconiBoard Member

Our Volunteers

Scott MernerOffice Manager
David FrancisApp layout
Sarah KingTranscription/Artist
Dick GirvinApp Cartography
Peggy McKinnonWriter