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Living as a foreign citizen in a hostile country, you would expect to keep your head down so as not to call attention to yourself. However, as heavenly citizens living in a world ruled by Satan, God calls Christians to do the exact opposite. We are to shine like the stars in the heavens. This of course creates immense tension for believers who live in an ever-darkening world.

Instead of the fear and trepidation that one might feel representing Christ in a godless world, the apostle Paul shows us in Philippians that we can live with complete joy and confidence, no matter what our difficult circumstances. The book of Philippians instructs believers on how to display God on Satan’s turf, working out our salvation in front of our secular culture. Paul gives us role models in himself, Timothy, Epaphroditus, and Jesus as the ultimate model of how to live as a heavenly citizen on unfriendly terrain. Philippians is a book of joy meant for today. It is God’s word for your life.




Philippians 1:1—11

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