Bible Studies that convert content into meaning

Our bible studies help you learn to know God and understand the meaning of His Word. These Bible studies are modeled on Christ’s example of teaching as illustrated in Luke 24. When Jesus encountered a couple of his followers on the road to Emmaus, he called them foolish for not recognizing that everything that Moses and the prophets wrote concerned him (Luke 24:25-27). These followers knew the Old Testament well, but they did not understand how Jesus was the fulfillment of these Scriptures.

Like Jesus on the road to Emmaus, we are producing Bible studies that explain the meaning of Scripture (Luke 24:32). Each of our studies examine the text in its original setting. We carefully explain the meaning by highlighting the necessary history, cultural issues, grammar, geography, chronology, and other helpful details. Each book of the Bible is explained within the overall story of Scripture, revealing how it points to or is fulfilled by Christ.

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The Gospel in James

Belief that behaves!

In this seven-lesson Bible study, James calls us to live out our faith without excuse. For many, James glues works to faith in an uncomfortable way. Genuine faith is inseparable from the works of faith. We cannot divorce how we live from what we believe without raising questions about our belief. To separate the two creates suspicions of being an imposter. Perhaps we are uncomfortable with James because we are comfortable with a double-life, even if we will not call it that. We are bothered by being told what to do. This full-color Bible study will help any Sunday school class, small group, or individual respond to the call that those who believe in Christ must live like Christ.