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Sacra Script Bible studies - open book sampleIt’s time to return to Bible study. As the world becomes more unsettled and rebellious towards God, Christians might be tempted to despair. But God has given us a precious gift to anchor our souls for these very days—His Word, the Holy Bible. God’s Word is the way He communicates His love, power, and care for us. We in turn, receive joy, strength, and hope when we study it. Never in the history of the world have there been more resources to help explain the sacred Scriptures, and Sacra Script has united reliable Christian scholarship with cutting-edge technology to produce innovative Bible studies just for you and your community. Bible study should not ignore the original settings of the Scriptures, they dig through the ancient context and language of the Bible, unlocking the true meaning of God’s Word, which in turn, lead to a true understanding of our magnificent Creator.

Casting our anchor

Sacra Script Bible studies don’t ebb and flow with the tide of modern-day culture. We have cast our anchor into the original setting of the Bible because God’s truth never changes. Understanding the ancient context of God’s Word means that you can uncover the timelessness of His character and redemptive plan for all believers in Christ. You will understand His-story more completely and your place in it. Studying the Bible is the key to knowing God more fully. Growth just doesn’t come any other way.

Study with us

Trustworthy scholarship, simple explanations, and distinctive illustrations, maps, and timelines are the hallmark of our unique resources. Bible study that will transform your life. You’ll never be sorry that you’ve dug deeper into God’s Word. A treasure-trove of biblical truths and godly understanding awaits.

Meaningful study

Knowing God through His Word is the most wonderful treasure you will ever acquire, and any Bible study from Sacra Script can not only help you increase your biblical knowledge, but help you gain confidence in your Savior, transforming your very life as you put your Christian faith into action. Once you can grasp the overall picture of God’s story through meaningful study, you will truly know who God is, through Jesus Christ. You will understand more intimately what God has done for the world, and how your soul can rest in hope for the future. Our bible studies help you learn to know God and understand the meaning of His Word. Each of our Bible studies is modeled on Christ’s example of teaching as illustrated in Luke 24. When Jesus encountered a couple of his followers on the road to Emmaus, he called them foolish for not recognizing that everything that Moses and the prophets wrote concerned him (Luke 24:25-27). These followers knew the Old Testament well, but they did not understand how Jesus was the fulfillment of these Scriptures.

Like Jesus on the road to Emmaus, each Bible study that we are producing explains the meaning of Scripture (Luke 24:32). Each of our Bible studies examine the text in its original setting. We carefully explain the meaning by highlighting the necessary history, cultural issues, grammar, geography, chronology, and other helpful details. Each book of the Bible is explained within the overall story of Scripture, revealing how it points to or is fulfilled by Christ.

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A seven-lesson James Bible study calling us to live out our faith even while undergoing trials and temptations.

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