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The Gospel in Philippians

This Philippians Bible study takes you through the fascinating first century world of the apostle Paul, commissioned directly by Jesus Christ to spread the good news of God’s love for the world. Detailed notes, illustrations, timelines and other unique features in this Philippians Bible study thoroughly explain the message of Paul’s letter to the Philippian church—a joyful message still relevant for followers of Christ today.

The church at Philippi held a special significance to the apostle Paul since it was the first church he planted in Europe (Acts 16:6-40). Paul wanted to encourage the Philippians in their faith and spiritual progress, and his incarceration meant that he could only accomplish this by writing a letter. Therefore, Paul wrote to the Philippians, prompted in part by his reception of their latest gift, sent with Epaphroditus, a member of the congregation. Paul could have written a letter of great anguish, with the possibility of an execution looming, but he wanted to reassure the church that he was still joyful through his faith in Christ. He was also eager to thank the Philippians for their continued support. Philippi was a Roman colony and the church could have rejected Paul because of his Roman imprisonment. In his letter, the apostle encouraged the Philippians to live their lives as citizens of heaven, evidenced by a growing commitment to serve God by serving one another. This sacrificial way of life that Paul encouraged was manifested uniquely in Jesus Christ. And those who would follow Christ’s example, in service to one another with love and good deeds, would have the hope that God would vindicate them on the day of Christ and so they were to rejoice!

Like the first century Christians of Philippi, today we still can rejoice in hardships and sufferings, and our joy can only serve to advance the gospel before an increasingly hostile world. This Philippians Bible study will not only revolutionize your study of this well-loved epistle, but your entire understanding of who God is and what He is doing in the world today.