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Our innovative Bible app digs through the ancient context and language of the Scriptures. We use the most cutting-edge technology, to reveal the intended meaning of God’s Word. Reliable scholarship, simple explanations, and distinctive illustrations mark these unique studies. Knowing God through His Word is the most wonderful treasure you will ever acquire. The Sacra Script Bible app can not only help you increase your biblical knowledge, but help you gain confidence in your Savior, transforming your life as put your Christian faith into action.

Once you can see the overall picture of God’s story through meaningful study, you can truly know who God is, what He has done for you, and how you can rest in hope for the future. Understanding the ancient context of God’s Word means that you can uncover the timelessness of His character and redemptive plan for all believers in Christ. You will understand His-story and your place in it. Immerse yourself in one of our Bible studies that will explain the original meaning of each book of the Bible within the context of the entire story of Scripture—the story of man’s creation, fall, redemption, and restoration made possible through Jesus Christ, the Son of God. Discover how each book of the Bible ultimately points to Christ and exalts the gospel message. Each of our lessons contains dynamic digital features that make increasing Bible literacy more enjoyable and achievable than ever.


  • Completely zoomable, full color pages rich with images and charts that help explain the Bible passage

  • Scrollable timelines with date references at the bottom of many pages
  • Scrollable outlines at the beginning of each lesson
  • Access to a video lecture covering each of the lessons