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Saturday Night Bible Study

with Rhome van Dyck

A two-hour Bible lecture following the footsteps of Jesus’ ministry

Brimming from the ancient pages of the four gospels rise significant and specific accounts of the life and ministry of Jesus of Nazareth. First-century Israel serves as the backdrop to His three-year ministry that would one day reach all the nations. In this presentation of the life and ministry of Jesus, you will encounter a more comprehensive and interactive experience with the Savior like never before. Discover the strategic purposes behind Jesus’ travels as He crisscrossed Galilee and journeyed south to Jerusalem. Uncover how His years of earthly ministry fit together to unveil a beautiful mosaic of our Savior through His interactions with people, teachings, and miracles.

From the angel Gabriel’s announcement to Mary through Jesus’ ascension back to His Father, a vibrant picture of the God-Man emerges through the four Gospel writers. Matthew skillfully uses the Old Testament to confirm God’s salvation plan for Israel though His Son. Mark’s action-packed narrative focuses us on the week of events leading to Jesus’ crucifixion and resurrection, revealing Jesus as the suffering Son of Man and servant of all. Luke guides us through Jesus’ travels from Galilee to Jerusalem as God’s salvation plan is revealed. John’s emphasis points us to Jesus as the One sent from God the Father. One Messiah revealed in four Gospels demonstrating His mission and movements by the power of God’s plan. Following Jesus is God’s plan for the world.

  • Lots of free parking
  • Free admission
  • Hot and cold beverages and dessert provided


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