Series Introduction

For three years, Jesus’ disciples were immersed in their Savior’s life. He taught them and then challenged them in situations that put their newfound beliefs into practice. Often they failed the tests only to be re-taught and called to practice their faith once again. Christ’s followers were not given the Great Commission to make their own disciples until after three years of training, and their Savior had died, resurrected, and was about to ascend to the right hand of the Father.

Christianity: weaving together threads of faith and practice is a Bible study series designed to help people learn the substance of the Christian faith. From new believers to veterans of the faith, many people have never learned all that we are called to believe and obey. Christianity is made up of four ten-lesson modules which immerse the student in Christian beliefs (orthodoxy) and Christian practice (orthopraxy).

Our Bible
Our Faith
Our Life
Our Call