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Believing in Jesus Christ means behaving in a certain way. Too many believers struggle with living a double life. With one foot in secular culture and the other attempting to find grip in God’s truth, the results are always disastrous. James reminds us that we are to keep ourselves from being polluted by the world. In fact, God has called us to live out our faith and anything less is rebellion against him.

James addresses the believing community in the first century that had been scattered among the nations. Facing the trials of foreign living, they are reminded to endure for that is part of God’s perfecting process. James focuses on the use of the tongue, love and care for others, and the call to Christian living. This practical wisdom flows out of his conviction that genuine faith produces results. James is a book of wisdom for today. It is God’s word for your life.


James 1:1—12

James 1:13—27

James 2:1—13

James 2:14—26

James 3:1—18

James 4:1—18

James 5:1—20