Bible Study Series

Sacra Script seeks to help people understand how the Bible fits together as a whole, cohesive unit. We offer ongoing Bible studies, which are designed to help people capture the story of Scripture. These video and audio lectures are taken from some of these studies and made available for your edification.



Christianity: weaving together threads of faith and practice is a Bible study series designed to help people learn the substance of the Christian faith.


Enjoy the whole story of Christmas as you see God’s masterplan unfold from the very beginning.

Finding-a-Firm-Foundation-event-page-croppedIn this two-part series we examine what has happened to the roll of Scripture in our society over the last 400 years with the rise of modernism, and see how we as believers are called to live.

Of-Whom-Ad-website-event-croppedFind out what the Bible teaches about persecution and perseverance as we consider our history and our calling.

Reformation-Ad-website-event-croppedLearn the importance of Scripture in our everyday lives.

This Bible studies will examine each of the four major covenants God makes with us and a final study to see how all these covenants fit together.

Tracing His Story - resources page

Follow the story of Scripture from beginning to end to see God’s great plan for humanity and where you fit in.

A Biblical Theology of Government - web resource page

Learn what the Bible says about government and the Christian’s responsibility towards it.