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The death and resurrection of Jesus Christ changes everything!

April 15th, 2014|0 Comments

The death and resurrection of Jesus

The first job of a king

February 1st, 2014|0 Comments

Before Israel was about to enter the promise land, God instructed them through Moses on how they were to live. In Deuteronomy 17, God addresses the fact that in the future, Israel will want a king. He outlines the very first job that the king of Israel must do: When he takes the throne of his kingdom...

Do you know God?

January 6th, 2014|0 Comments

The Christian church lives in perilous times. The statistics in the western church are particularly staggering. Tragically, people who claim to follow Christ know virtually nothing of His Word or the basic beliefs that define someone as Christian. According to a recent Barna survey, only one-fifth of all Americans who call themselves Christians believe that asking Jesus to forgive them and become their savior was the most important decision of their lives. Only one-sixth of American Christians are committed to personal spiritual development i.e. the study of God’s Word. About 600 years before the birth of Christ...

Jesus Christ is Lord

Christians in the first century Roman Empire understood that following Jesus was life threatening. Only the Roman Caesar was considered a human deity and worshipped as such in daily life. To deny his lordship publicly was to undergo persecution and possible death as a traitor. So it is shocking that the apostle Paul...